What is KopiRun?
KopiRun is your everyday dabao app. With KopiRun, you can create group buys, join group buys and make requests. With a minimal order fee (set by the one starting the KopiRun), you can get your items without worrying about high delivery fees, minimum orders and price hikes OR you can help someone out by starting a group buy and earn from the minimal order fee.
What is a group buy?
Group buying, involves people in the same estate banding together to place bulk orders for items (e.g., groceries, online shopping, food) while saving on delivery costs and potentially enjoying discounts from suppliers.
How do I make payment?
For now, payment methods will be discussed and decided between you and the KopiRunner/KopiHitcher. Stay tuned for more updates!
I’ve encountered problems with the app, what should I do?
Please email us at support@kopirun.com so that our team can assist you.
What is the minimum age to download?
If you are below 18, you will require parental consent before downloading.
I am a Merchant and I would like to collaborate, how do I join?
Please email us at support@kopirun.com So our team can work something out with you.